Johan Van Geluwe - Curriculum vitae

Johan Van Geluwe(b. 1929, Waregem [BE]) lives and works in Waregem as an ARTchitect.

194653: Architecture studies at Sint-Lucasinstituut, Ghent.

197494: Lecturer in architectonic design at Hoger Architectuurinstituut Sint-Lucas, Ghent.

1991: Flemish Community Government Award for Visual Arts.

Since 1969: Manager of the fictional-real institutes A.R.T. (Art Recycling Terminal) and M.A.O. (Multinational Art Office), as well as directorcurator and archivist of M.O.M. (The Museum of Museums).

Johan van Geluwe´s projects, installations, concepts and arrangements are to be found in numerous museums, art institutes, cultural institutions and private collections worldwide.